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About ESRI

The Entrepreneurship and SME's Research Institute (ESRI) >is a registered vocational and research institute established specifically;.
  1. To conduct academic research in the field of entrepreneurship and SME's and to diserminate the result to the public
  2. To enhance the entrepreneurial potential of students and unemployed graduates through entrepreneurship and SME's education/training.
  3. To raise the entrepreneurship skills of owner/managers of SME's via capacity building training. Also the growing interest of carrier aspirants to pursue Degree, Masters and Phd courses this motivated the institute to enter into a partnership with Princely University (both in USA and Lebanon) to award their Degrees, Masters and Phd to the deserving students while the institute provides;
  • Teaching to the students based on the universities curriculum
  • Guide the students in the selection of anoptional research topic that can be successfully completed
  • Ensure that students undestand the methodological and technical skills necessary for completion of the various phases of their research work
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